Promotion Order of 2015-16
Notification-Inviting applications for appointment to the post of APRO(PT) from amongst employees of RVUN
Clarification on OPAR, Revised Time Schedule
Circular of Online Performance Appraisal Report
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The history of power development in Rajasthan goes back to the year 1949, when 19 princely states merged to form Rajasthan. At that time, electric power, was confined to very few towns, and electricity was considered a luxury. The total number of towns and villages electrified at that time,did not exceed 42 and the installed generating capacity was only 13.27 MW. However, with the formation of Rajasthan State Electricity Board on 1st july 1957,power sector in Rajasthan received priority and power projects began to mushroom all over State. Under new Power Reforms Undertaken by State Government, RSEB was unbundled into following five Government Companies in July 2000.
›› The Half yearly ended unaudited financial results for the period 01.04.2015 to 30.09.2015
›› Bonus/Ex-Gratia for the year 2014-15
›› Probation Training Clearence Order
›› Environment Clearance Compliance Status Report of Parsa East & Kanta Basan
›› Tariff petition &ARR for FY 15-16 and True-up for FY 12-13
›› Six Month Compliance Report of Parsa East & Kanta Basan
›› environment clearance of CTPP Unit#6
›› "Environemt Statement Form-V"
›› Six Month EC Compliance report for "Parsa East & Kanta Basan"
›› Enviroment Clearence of Persa East Kanta Basan
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